Kido, an international preschool with locations in Dubai, Hong Kong, London, Mumbai, India and more, is coming to Houston. 

The 6,500-square-foot location in Rice Village, at 2329 Bissonnet St., will include an art studio, science lab, and indoor and outdoor play areas.

Click through the slideshow above for a look at existing Kido locations.

Houston is the first U.S. location for the school. Kido considered other U.S. markets — Austin was very nearly chosen first and is next on the list for a school — but Houston has more in common with places like Dubai and Hong Kong than other cities, Kido U.S. CEO Deepanshu Pandita said. The fact that Pandita lives in Houston also was a point in the city’s favor.

The preschool is Spanish-language immersion; as such, some of the day will be taught in Spanish. It will hire at least eight staff members, all bilingual in Spanish and English, but that number may change based on the number of children admitted, Pandita said. Currently, 130 children are on track to attend the school when it opens in February 2020.

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