Kido International Preschools and Daycare is a global education company with preschools in four countries with centres across the US, UK, IND, and recently China.

We were most recently recognised and awarded at World Education Summit 2022 for “Innovation in Curriculum in Early Childhood Development”

We aim to offer a safe, secure, happy, and experiential learning environment at our physical schools and daycare centres. We strongly believe that every child comes in with different learning curves, needs, and milestones. We work around it under our core value of customization to ensure that with time they have a very strong foundation.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality early years education and care in the world. We are creating magical and engaging learning spaces infused with cutting-edge pedagogy and great teachers to nurture and enhance every child’s innate curiosity, creativity and ability to be a lifelong learner. We believe that a combination of free and structured play, an engaging and interactive learning environment, and an abundance of love, care and attention provide the most solid foundation for children in the early years.