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We're building the best preschools anywhere

We are obsessed with school design.

The learning environment has a tremendous impact on the development of the young brain, so we believe that no preschool or nursery can ever be too beautiful for a child.

According to the Reggio Emilia approach to early education, the environment is considered the third educator, after the parents and the classroom teacher. With that in mind, we’ve created some of the most stimulating early childhood centers in the world.

Each Kïdo school is unique, designed to ensure that children never want to leave once they step inside.

All our preschools have all-weather indoor play areas, art studios, technology corners and more. Most have outdoor play spaces and some even swimming pools created specifically for the younger ones.

Visit Kïdo in London and Houston to see our centers for yourself!

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A worldwide network

Our global presence defines who we are.

It enables us to drive a truly multicultural and international program for children in all of our schools, while implementing the best practices from around the world.

All our preschools across the world get their own country-specific programs, ensuring that every child in our care has access to the highest quality early education.