Safari Kid Jubilee Hills Nursery and Daycare

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12,000 sq ft

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Age range

15 months to 6 Years

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Languages taught

English, Spanish and Hindi

Welcome to Kïdo India

Safari Kid Jubilee Hills is a 12,000 sq ft nursery packed with imagination. We are super excited as this will be our very first Kïdo centre in the beautiful city of Hyderabad. Our nursery can be found in the heart of Jubilee Hills, just a few minutes away from the very famous Sri Peddamma Thalli Temple.

Inside the nursery, we offer large play areas with bright and airy learning spaces, inspired by the teachings of Reggio Emilia. Children can get involved in drama, music and dance classes with our dedicated indoor stage, or settle down in our reading nook and lose themselves in a book.

In addition to this, our outdoor space of 8,376 sq ft play zone contains plenty of fun and educational activities for kids to discover. Kids enjoy play-based learning via engaging programs that are designed just for them. An important aspect of our Jubilee Hills centre is our multilingual learning. Our preschool students are taught three languages, English, Hindi and Spanish.

The philosophy of Reggio Emilia is a massive influence when designing our Jubilee Hills centre. We believe beautiful learning environments inspire children to interact, play and learn. The school is spread across 12,000 sq ft and has five large classrooms, which transform into day care and nap rooms later on in the day.

Our indoor play area includes a beautiful tree house, ball pool and soft play equipment. We also have a dedicated space for show and tell activities and a quaint reading corner. The outdoor play area features a sandpit, a splash pool, an art studio and a mud kitchen. More adventurous kids can explore our climbing wall, pyramid frame or enjoy cycling across our 8,377 sq ft of beautiful outdoor space. All children enjoy our specially made physical development program.

Our Discoverer’s room cater for 8 months – 15 months old children, with wonderful facilities for play and exploration for your little ones which include sleeping pods for nap time. The room is set up with plenty of interesting experiences including treasure baskets, heuristic play opportunities, messy crafts, songs and story time.


What Makes us Unique

Station time – Small groups or one to one sessions with teachers, where children will focus on their individual tasks to achieve the best in their learning and development.

STEAM – We provide daily fun challenges to support children to understand how things work.

Languages – Introducing children to language classes to send your child on a linguistic journey.

Nursery Environments – Elements of Reggio Emilia, Montessori, creating airy, bright, and calming environments for the children to play in.

Explorer Day Explorer days are a combination of fun and structured activities meant to engage children to learn about Geography and History. By doing so we bring in the non-classroom learning to the children in an interactive and a fun way. We incorporate this every Friday in our curriculum and it runs over ten weeks as a comprehensive project.

School details

Curriculum EYFS, Kïdo

Hours 9:00am to 7:00 pm

Schedule Full Day and Half Day

Nutrition No

Outdoor Space Yes


Safari Kid Jubilee Hills Coming Soon in 2021

Safari Kid Jubilee Hills Nursery and Daycare

1175, Road number 55, CBI Colony, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telegana. - 500033 ( Current name for the address Jyothi Srinivasam apts), India

tel 91 9963943343

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