Safari Kid Kharadi Preschool & Day Care

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8,000 sq ft

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Age range

8 months to 6 years

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Languages taught

English, Spanish, Hindi

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Welcome to Kïdo India

Just beside the EON IT Park sits Safari Kid Kharadi International nursery in Pune, a shining example of what we’re doing for young learners and child care in India. We are located in close proximity to Viman Nagar, Hadapsar & Wagholi.

It’s our flagship Pune preschool centre, stretching over 8,000 sq ft and delivering the best care for your child – something that never puts them in a box, and instead places them on a pedestal for whatever comes next…

Safari Kid is about more than ‘results’; in our mind, that word messes with the special qualities of our earliest years, when we should discover who we are! To give your child that freedom, we’ve designed outdoor areas, a swimming pool, sandpit, art studio and some of the most amazing play tools they’ll ever see.

Meanwhile, our teachers get children to work on maths, colours, narrative lessons and much else, so they develop confidence in themselves and the world at large.

Our teacher/student ratio doesn’t pass the 1:8 mark. Small, relatable classes are the best – but there’s a bunch of other features we’d love to run through as well.

Speak to us, or delve into the Safari Kid kindergarten, to see how we’re a welcome change from the old set ways of preschooling.


What Makes us Unique

Station time – Small groups or one to one sessions with teachers, where children will focus on their individual tasks to achieve the best in their learning and development.

STEAM – We provide daily fun challenges to support children to understand how things work.

Languages – Introducing children to language classes to send your child on a linguistic journey.

Nursery Environments – Elements of Reggio Emilia, Montessori, creating airy, bright, and calming environments for the children to play in.

Explorer Day Explorer days are a combination of fun and structured activities meant to engage children to learn about Geography and History. By doing so we bring in the non-classroom learning to the children in an interactive and a fun way. We incorporate this every Friday in our curriculum and it runs over ten weeks as a comprehensive project.

School details

Curriculum EYFS, Kïdo

Hours 9:00am to 7:00 pm

Schedule Full Day and Half Day

Nutrition No

Outdoor Space Yes


Ms Shalome Bhadha
Head of School

It’s a pleasure to speak to you.

An early childhood experience should be full of exploration, adventure, new surroundings and constructive challenges. As facilitators, we have this huge responsibility of educating children during their first, rawest years of life, and what an exciting time that can be! Our goal here is to further the reach of early childhood education. There are some rules, though – since I love processes, organisation and good coffee, Safari Kid is the place to be!

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Ms Debjani Chatterjee
Turbo Toddlers Teacher

Hi, I’m Debjani,

On the whole, I’m an accomplished teacher with over eight years of experience in teaching pre-primary children. That also means I am a quick learner with strong interpersonal skills. My affinity and compassion for children drive what I do, but on the sidelines, I’m also a certified Kathak dancer!

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Ms Nilam Panchal
Turbo Toddlers Teacher

Hello to you.

For the last six years, Pune has my been my home; four years of that has been dedicated to teaching. My inspiration is my sweet 9-year-old son and my strength is my positivity. Singing and reading lend big bouts of pleasure, almost as much as my job! The children I teach keep me going through it all.

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Ms Priyanka Ahluwalia
Curriculum Coordinator and Level 4 teacher


I am a marketing graduate and was a banker in my life before Safari Kid. Only then, during a sabbatical, did I realise that teaching early years was my calling… I’ve been associated with Safari Kid since January 2016, and have about six years’ teaching experience. The thing I love most about kids is their reciprocal love when you help them out or show them what’s new about the world.

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Safari Kid Kharadi Preschool & Day Care

Behind EON IT Park, Grant Road, Vitthal Nagar, Kharadi, Pune 411014, India, India

tel 9763558606

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