For toddlers under 27 months. The adventure begins in earnest…

Our Adventurers program starts as soon as your child can walk and usually finishes by the time they’re two years old – though children can move to the next stage as soon as they’re ready. Adventurers build their confidence and skills across all of the development areas in our curriculum, with their week split into three Skills Days and two Explorer Days.

On their Skills Days, Adventurers will cover math, literacy, science, art and much else as part of their development.

On Explorer Days, Adventurers work through a multidisciplinary project (each lasting six weeks) that enables them to gain new skills, knowledge and understanding.

We also start toilet training at Adventurers, consulting with each individual family to create a process that helps their child while making them feel safe and at home.

Summary of content

Below you will find the curriculum for Adventurers. All learning is through safe, play-based activities, using high-quality products sourced from all around the world.

Math: Children will learn to count and recognize numbers from one to ten, understand one-to-one correspondence, and identify basic shapes (circles, squares, stars, triangles etc).

Literacy: Based on the Doman program for teaching toddlers and babies to read, our literacy program for Adventurers enables children to identify all letters of the alphabet, and start the basics of reading.

Art: The Studio-K program for Adventurers has children mixing colors with Kandinsky, using regular and nature-based art materials, and painting using recycled and upcycled products. They’ll also create paper and book art, make puppets and costumes, and even tackle a photography project.

Science and Technology: The K-STEM program for Adventurers includes science experiments, such as growing plants, and will see your child take their first steps in coding (using physical games, not screens).

Please note that the Kïdo curriculum for the United Kingdom is still in development and will be implemented in our nurseries there in 2020.

CenterAge groupSessions
Golders Green
Crouch End
12 months to 27 months8:00 am - 1:00 pm
1:00 pm - 6:00 pm
8:00 am - 6:00 pm
Rice Village
River Place
12 months to 27 months