The art of teaching

Our art program is a core part of our curriculum, and incorporates a variety of mediums including digital art, photography and even filmmaking. Art promotes self-expression and develops a child’s confidence, motor skills and imagination. We also use art to teach literacy, math and science as well.

Most Kïdo Schools features an atelier – a creative space where children can experiment and express themselves. Our atelier activities are created by our teachers or a guest contributor, and designed to stimulate your child’s growth.

The Studio K program starts with Discoverers (infants) and continues to preschool aged children, gradually introducing different mediums and art styles. Throughout the year, students will work together on group projects, creating artwork for the entire school.

They will also enjoy day trips to art museums and age-appropriate exhibitions.

Please note that the Kïdo curriculum for the United Kingdom is still in development and will be implemented in our nurseries there in 2020.

CenterAge groupSessions
Golders Green
Crouch End
6 months to 6 years
Rice Village
River Place
6 months to 5 years