Fostering innovative thinking and problem-solving abilities

Modern technology has revolutionized everything we do, and provides countless ways to inspire children during their early years education.

Our K-STEM program introduces students to scientific method (observation, experimentation and deduction), the basics of coding and building robots. We teach them how to use technology responsibly, through safe and engaging activities.

The K-STEM program is comprised of five distinct goals:

1) Develop your child’s creativity and critical thinking

We help our students to understand the functionality of specific tools and materials, analyze challenges and determine the simplest ways to solve them.

2) Develop your child’s visual-spatial intelligence

Everybody needs to be able to imagine their creations before they build them. We help our students to understand 3D images and shapes, and learn how to use them to solve problems.

3) Improve your child’s motor skills

We develop our students’ hand-eye coordination through fun activities like stacking blocks, sticking things together and matching objects with their correct counterparts.

4) Develop your child’s language skills

We use computer technology to improve literacy and vocabulary, with students learning the names of shapes, colors and numbers through practical activities.

5) Encourage independence and self-assessment

By presenting our students with problem-solving tasks that require teamwork to overcome, we teach them that there is rarely one “correct” answer, but often several possible solutions. Throughout these tasks children learn to evaluate problems independently and offer their own solutions to their group.

Please note that the Kïdo curriculum for the United Kingdom is still in development and will be implemented in our nurseries there in 2020.

CenterAge groupSessions
Golders Green
Crouch End
2 years to 6 years
Rice Village
River Place
2 years to 5 years